What Can We Do? Maybe One Thing…

I was waiting for the guitar lesson to be over, casually browsing through Twitter, when I came across The Blog Post No One Wanted to Read. Which was really The Blog Post No Parent Should Ever Have to Write.

I cried. And pulled myself together in time for my son to emerge from his music lesson.

And as I looked at my 7-year-old, I thought, “Would I do it differently if I knew his time was limited?”

This question has continually cycled in my head over the past 24+ hours. I can tell you that the answer is an unequivocal YES.

Those crumbs all over the floor following dinner? Really not a big deal – we’ll clean it up. A request for two “small” pieces from the Halloween bag when usually only one is allowed for dessert? Sure, go ahead. And even some of the typically button-pushing, excessive whining? Maybe you, my child, just need a break from that activity and a hug.

Amazing how suddenly, there was less need to keep up on Facebook and more need to focus completely on whatever Minecraft nonsense my boys felt compelled to share with me. How kisses and hugs and cuddles at bedtime and saying “I LOVE YOU” was everything. Everything.

My heart is shattered, as are so many others. We all wish desperately there was something we could do to make it all better. We accept in despair that we cannot.

So I have decided to do something that is in my control. To not take for granted that my children have unlimited time – maybe they don’t. To make sure to remember that each day is, in fact, a gift to be treasured. To honor my friends, and their superhero son, by making every moment count – because we just don’t ever know how many moments we have left.

It might not change the thing we all want to change. But I am pretty sure that it WILL make a difference. It will matter. And it is something we all can do.


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