#blogelul 8: Believe

The first things that popped into my head with today’s topic were song lyrics.

“Do you believe in life after love?”

“I believe the children are our future.”

“I am a Mormon, and a Mormon just believes.”

I don’t know the truth of that last one personally, but I think that Jewish people can “just believe” as well. Despite our penchant for complaining, we believe.

I believe that life does not throw more at you than you can handle.

I believe that there are reasons for most things that happen in life, even if you can’t see what those reasons are at the time.

I believe that our friends who are facing health challenges are going to be fine – especially our smallest friends. Because they have to be.

I believe that challenges of any kind serve to make you stronger and test you, in a good way, to discover that limits you thought you had were never really there.

I believe that whoever created autocorrect has a wicked sense of humor.

I believe that spending time with children – related to you or not – is good for the soul.

I believe that sleep is the most important gift you can give to yourself, every night, regardless of what you still need to do around your house. That will still all be there in the morning, after you have slept well and can get to it with renewed energy.

I believe that trying to stay awake any longer to write more of this post could have serious repercussions for me in the morning. So I bid you Laila Tov (good night).


One thought on “#blogelul 8: Believe

  1. I believe – I believe for you, and Sam, and Michael, David, Yael and Solly. I believe for me, and Paul, and Jay & Elana, and especially for Ava Rose and Charlie. I have to believe….

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